Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pondering Halloween

The new house we live in is big. Much bigger than the last house we were in.
This October I'm facing my 30th birthday. I'm unsure if this is the reason for my blues this month, or if it's just something I can't quite put my finger on yet. Either way, my blues are just out of the corner of my mind, ready and whispering things in my ear. Could be that the connection to the events of last Halloween are coming back to haunt me, or maybe a combination of both that and my birthday....hmmm. That being said, I'm wondering whether I'm going to do any major decorating at all, since the yard we have is so big, and I have so little stocked away in the decorations bin that I usually keep. I know some stuff has been lost to moving, and am reluctant to even try and rebuild the stock that I had, for fear of moving again.
I hear a voice telling me we have too much stuff, despite the amount of purging I've done since we got here. This combined with the effort involved in this task keeps me from even attempting to rebuild at this moment. I had the bug last month, but lost it when October hit, and I pulled out my bin to take stock. There's plenty of potential for my favorite holiday to thrive in our yard, and I'm facing a daunting task should I wish to decorate as fully as I'd like. I'm wondering if I can motivate myself, or if I'll just leave it. I haven't even gotten the boys' costumes together yet, which is surprising.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Memphis said...

We moved to a larger house, too, and assumed we'd have so much more room. Instead we have stuff everywhere. It seems our old house had a giant attic, and we had packed it full. The new house, large as it is, doesn't have much attic space at all, so everything is just out. Augh!

Osbasso said...

Even though I live in a small apartment complex, in an area of numerous apartments, I haven't had a trick-or-treater stop by my door in over 10 years. I suppose the dark hallways and scary man who lives at the end has something to do with that...