Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh My God...

Today was just raining shit on us.

The power went off about quarter after 11 this morning, while Hunter and I were in the shower. He kept looking at the lights expecting them to come on, but since they had already been flickering all morning, I figured they wouldn't come back on sooner or later.

Sure enough, the flicked off and refused to pop back on. Then along with that something was wrong with phone line. So, the phones weren't working, I didn't have a regular working radio (battery operated), and no phone service. nevermind the fact that I had no stroller and it was raining.

I was stranded.

So, after getting us dressed in the dark from the shower, I brought us out to the living room (brightest spot) and waited. I decided that if noone came to rescue me by noon, that I was taking Kimmie's van and going down to the school.

5 minutes to noon mom walked in, and asked how we were doing...and informed us that the power was out down at her office as well. Joy.

So, we loaded ourselves up in the car, and headed to the school to checkon D. Once we got there chaos had hit them in a bad way, as they had decided to ship all the children home (all 39 of them :oD ) and were all frantically trying to phone parents and emergency contacts on their cell phones as their phone service was out as well.

So, I got my cheque from them (unfortunately they didn't have enough cash) and headed into Kelowna where there was power.

Listening to the radio they said that the power was out clear down to parts of Summerland, and that it wasn't expected to come back on until 6pm.

We did a few things in town before deciding both boys needed a nap and headed home, where sure enough, both boys fell asleep in the extended trip home. They had flaggers and police-men outside at intersections to prevent traffic from backing up as bad as it did at first, which made it go quicker.

Got home to find Chance home, and then fiasco's began with the truck, trailer, and various cash incomes. Suffice to say we were screwed over on all three accounts.

In any event, if we can get everything to go our way tommorow we may be able to leave by Friday.

Frustrating to say the least.

in any event, I napped with Hunter, and I feel a million times better now, even though it did take them an extra 45 minutes to turn the power back on.

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