Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Long Drive

So we left on Friday morning, after a bit of a fiasco with the hook-up (re hook-up I should say) of the UHaul. We went out on Hwy 33, down to Rock Creek and then a little dinky one gaurd border crossing. The guy seemed to think he was like god, for an old guy.
We stopped somewhere's in Washington and went to a Wal Mart to pick up some snacks, and a couple of "road toys" for the boys. We stayed in Missoula Montana the first night at this real expensive Hotel with shitty service and an indoor waterslide. Proceeded to drive through snow and junk to the other end of Montana, then spent the night in the north of South Dakota where we just basically slept and drove. We then continued to drive straight through from there to Here...
I hat Chicago. We got minorly lost in Chicago, and had a bitch of a time getting through it cause of all of the tolls, and stinkin construction.
I'm still real tired, as things haven't slowed down at all since we've gotten here.
Went shopping yesterday for the foods we prefer and toiletries and such and also squeezed (and I mean squeezed) a visit in with Mike.
Today we went to visit Grandpa Klusty, and Josh & Acettee.
I'm stinkin tired, and have given a time limit for bullshit of a week, then i refuse to put up with it anymore. I suppose we'll be here for a couple of weeks by the sounds of it.
We'll get the keys to the place, but I took a peek at it today on our way by and it's in bad who knows how much cleaning I'll need to do inside before it's habitable.
I told Chance I expect a birthday cake from the boys that's home-made...sprinkles, funky icing...the whole bit.
I have only just now talked to Jill on the telephone this evening, and am hoping to head to her house tommorow night for a couple of nights, to take a break from the chaos of having too much to do.
I'm feeling rather annoyed at the world today...

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