Tuesday, February 20, 2007

About Enough

Oh my god.
I'm sick, yes.
I've been wiping Darius' nose non-stop now for the last three days. Nevermind my nose.

Chance wasn't feeling so hot yesterday when he got up and such. I figured out he hadn't been taking his anti-biotics properly, as he should've been finished them yesterday and he's got about a half a bottle left yet. Ya know, you've got something communical and contagious...doesn't logic tell you that in order to spare your children you should take whatever you need to to get rid of it?
Common sense? It's not showing here.
I rip into him about that, and he goes to work...whatever. A couple of hours before his shift ends and he calls me to tell me they're closing down early because some shithead decided to attack the place with pepper spray and instead of him running away like everyone else, he tells me he was "macho" (direct quote) and stood there just breathing it in.
After basketball (yes, instead of taking it easy on his lungs he continued to worsen the situation by playing invigoratings sports) he came in and went right to bed. A while later I hear him calling my name. He's running a nasty fever with terrible chills, his muscles are super duper sore, & he's got coughing fits that are leaving him breathless. Great.
So, I tell him "Let's go, we're headed to the hospital".
I managed a hot bath in between because he was cold and it helped a bit.
I dragged him out and to the hospital at 11pm.
It took them an hour for each service they performed lastnight. We got back at 4am. I stayed awake the whole time, but Chance was napping basically whenever no Dr.'s were there.
Today Darius's class is going Ice Skating in which ONE parent needs to be with him on the ice. I don't have skates, and I just managed to buy a pair for the both of them, I had only planned on going to take pictures.
Just fucking lovely. My eyes are burning, and I'm tired as snot.
Why am I always the one to wake up after a long-ass night.
ANYhow. After chest x-rays, blood tests, and a 175 dollar fee we found out that he has a little bit of Pneumonia in one lung, and just passed over whatever he had. He recieved another prescription and was sent home. yay. I feel like a retard. I insisted he go and I shoul've just kept my big mouth shut.

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