Friday, December 16, 2005

Tis The Season

Well, I hafta say, so far I'm doing relatively all-right with the stress levels.
I've figured on what I can and cannot I tols my uncle lastnight...just take a deep breath and enjoy the season.
So, Pokie won't be able to make it for Christmas...D's very disappointed. We had his pre-school Christmas Party yesterday, and he began telling everyone how he was going to go and visit his Candice and play games with her and that he was excited about it...when I had to pull him aside and tell him we we were not going to go and pick her up this year, he asked me why. I told him she had to work, and he said, I miss her when she works. *sighs* I believe he's learned the value of family.
D's party was great...we made mini-gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and dried fruit for the kids, and we got to sit in with everyone while the kids sang us a song, and gave out cards and gifts to the parents, and then recieved gifts from the teachers, and then played for the remainder of the time. Was quite enjoyable.
Afterwards, D and I went downtown by ourselves, where we had lunch at the Royal Bakery (the best sausage rolls and glazed doughnuts in the world) and then went to Planet pacewalkers, where we played for about 2 and a half hours. For a portion of that, D made some friends, and actually didn't want anything to do with me, whilst he ran around with some other boys...was quite amazing. *sigh* He's growing up too fast.
Getting our cards out today...finally.
I broke 3 nails yesterday at Spacewalkers...jeepers. lots of cuddles and snuggled from D lastnight...yay me!
I'm planning on getting a new matter what I need to do to get the damned thing. My hips are sore, my back is sore, my neck is sore and I always wake up with a headache...I'm miserable on that stupid futon.
D's been playing with this huge box mom sent me to get from he roffice...rather interesting what kinds of things he stashes in there.

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Anonymous said...

what a great time you all had...the gingerbread houses were a great idea! and yes, they grow up way too fast...