Sunday, December 25, 2005

Facts of the Matter and Gifts Galore

Christmas...We sat down to open gifts at midnight on Christmas eve, as usual, and I sadly decided to leave Darius out of the fun for th evening as he had just fallen asleep not too long before. So, it was just us adults trying to tear open the fun...almost felt like a traitor.
I got some nice things...a pretty necklace from Pokie, a couple of maternity items that I'm going to need in the future. :o)
I also got a Naslund t-shirt...and chance got a bertuzzi, a good lookin book, Under the Tuscan Sun, and a 30 Dollar Wal Mart gift card, and some other things that I can't think of right this second.
Can't tell ya what anyone else got...seems like ages ago already.
Christmas was good, and was even nicer when everyone was gone before New Years...give our poor toilet a break LOL
We did a quick trip to take Pokie to the toll booth, gramma and ralph home, and dropped marty off in Kamloops. I drove us home, and then ended up calling in sick the next I didn't work for a whole week. I worked Christmas eve day, and not again until New Years eve day, and I worked New Years as well. *sighs*
Could barely keep my eyes open for New Years as I was sleeping with D when Chance woke me up for it. Dunno why, just wasn't into the whole socializing thing this year for any of the majour events. N/m that, but my body wasn't agreeing with me...aches and pains, and headaches enough to knock down the strongest of us.
Paul and Mary came over for Christmas...strange cause Paul likes Mary and apparently he spent the evening hitting on Mary, and Mary...had a tooth missing...dunno the story there, but her smile was scary! big black gap right next to her front tooth...hmm...oh yeah, that's sexy.
New Year in any event...oh boy, better be better than the last one...and the one before that.

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