Monday, December 19, 2005


Wow...kinda took me by surprise that Christmas is so close at hand now...counting down to when everyone begins arriving for what I'm sure will be another memorable year.
Was thinking about it today, and I can't imagine what it would be like to do Christmas without my family again. Whenever it wasn't with my family, it really was not anything special...not like staying up until 2am playing scrabble, and playing air guitar in a five piece band...
Did some more wrapping today...after going Christmas shopping with my mom again this week, I've only got 2 ppl left to buy for, and they're not that big of a deal...
I'm also gearing up for my first ultrasound...getting rather excited as I keep getting conflicted reports about the size of my tummy...but I'm sure that'll clear up once all my goofball family gets here.
Managed to feel rather accomplished this evening. Got rid of D and Chance for a bit, sent them sledding, and started on Chance's gifts...almost finished one, just need something from the store...and the other one I almost finished as well, except it's too short dammit. I dunno what I'm gonna do, I may hafta dig out the remnants to see if I have enough, but I'm not sure if I will cause I had barely enough to do it as it was. Also made 5 gifts for the family that match, just gotta figure out who I'm gonna give em too, and cut out twogifts for Niamh, whom I've learned will be joining us for Christmas.
So, all in all, I'm expecting 7 extra family members this year, though it could really be only 6, either way, it's gonna be a ton of fun that brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

A thought on Christmas spirit and cheer.
I honestly do not believe it's even left. Each time I've been to the store to do my shopping, I've been cut off, bumped out of the way, and budged around...and not once have I heard an "excuse me, pardon me, or may I pass". I'm so saddened by the lack of generosity, and basic manners amongst my fellow people this year/ Even in my own household, a main focal point is money, and the fact that we're having so many people over and blah blah blah. It almost feels as if there's no Christmas spirit here sometimes as well.
I often joke with Sylvia that she really needs to have me in when I'm having family over because I need the escape...and the reality check that calms me down so much. I love going to her house during those hectic times because it is so quite, and I actually get to think without really being interrupted.
Well, here's to bringing the spirit back to life...

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