Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our New Place

This is my home. I've not taken better pictures of it than this, because I can't quite feel comfortable in it yet. I don't know why, but it just does not feel like home yet. I haven't quite been able to place my finger on why, but I'm sure it'll come to me sometime.
We now live in a one story ranch 3 bedroom home, where my rent is super cheap and all my utilities are included, plus my washer & dryer were supplied.
We even have a completely fenced in yard that surrounds 3 sides of my home. Heck, I can even have a cat, dog or any other furry creature I can think of if I want. My child can walk to school on his own in the fall. I can (and have) walk to work when I work at the Daycare now.
We've got friends beating down our door for playdates, and we're beating their doors down in return for BBQ's and new children to meet & entertain. I have everything in a home for my children that I've been yearning for since we've moved here.

I've enjoyed living here so far, but I still feel a bit depressed at the thought of leaving our beautiful little cabin in the woods.
We don't feel quite like a family since we've moved. Too many conveniences at our fingertips. A school playground close by, a tv in every room, *working* internet. We've lost touch of what it means to be a family. We no longer play spontaneous games that make us all giggle. I no longer feel energetic enough to find something to do, or a game to play.
Work is bringing me down, gotta scoop up some new coping mechanisms, be happy with the baby steps, and remember that I can only do so much. I've really got to stop being so hard on myself.
The kids leave this weekend with MIL for a 2 week vacation at her home in Washington. Two weeks without children, and I'm pretty sure both Mr & I will be lot for at least 13 of those 14 days. Should be fun to see what comes about from it. I'll try and remember to take pictures.
I cannot believe it's the end of July already. One more month and school's back in...god, now I get to figure out where I'm going to go and buy all of D's new school clothes from (I mean, in a small town you've got a pretty limited choice, right?)
Lots of reasons bringing this all about. I'll be making a Doctors visit to see if we can't get all the help we can get to solve this issue.

2 thoughtful remarks:

only a movie said...

The new place seems nice. Love the yard!

Osbasso said...

Looks like a great place! Hope you get a sense of settlement soon with it though! Miss you!