Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm finding it so difficult to manage myself of late.
Last month the Dr put me on Birth Control, the strong kind. I'm sensitive to pills, often able to identify what they are doing when. I don't take Birth Control, and haven't since I was a teen. There's a reason for that.
I warned Mr when I started taking them, desperation to get my lady issues under control outweighed the side effects. Psh, suuuuuuuure they did Amber.
I must be a right terror to live with right now. I'm sure I've sprouted horns & a forked tail. I'm also certain these things are posing a risk to my health, given the thoughts in my head.
I hope the next 2 months left in my prescrip are going to be worth the torture I'm putting everyone through
On another note...I dunno if it's the pills, the fact that D was away for a week, or something I can't say out loud, but I can feel a severe bout of depression battling within me. Let's hope I can pull myself out and find my motivation again, because I sure miss it.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the pills do but I hope it works out for you!

Nietha said...

Hopefully your body will adjust given some more time