Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brain Vacation

I've been spending my time trying to say "oooohhhhm" and keep myself calm and cool.

I am just chiding myself for even asking for training here. I've almost worked myself into thinking that there will be a be-all, end-all salvation once I get that training. I know in reality that it will not work that way, but I am floundering so much I'm actually concerned that I am not serving my clients to my full potential.
That being said, I'm really trying to relax at home, and just let my brain go. Consequently I'm not able to go beyond the range of normal functioning. Nothing of the fancy stuff I used to do is getting done. I'm busy reading small, short books (for me), and vegging out while watching a DVD, or watching the kids play in the backyard.
It's been a long time since I've felt like this. I'm almost enjoying this feeling of prolonged uselessness. Almost. It's getting to be a kind of hindrance when it comes to planning, keeping track of things, and fixing things up at home. Meals are currently posing a great challenge, as I'm having difficulty getting them started at a decent time. Bedtimes are all out of whack, as I'm usually in charge of getting the boys ready for bed in the evenings.
About the only thing I'm staying on top of is my laundry :o)
I guess that's better than nothing.
D visited Alberta w/my Mummie in the first week of July, and H is currently visiting with a relative in Kamloops. Hafta go pick him up this afternoon. The last day of the month MIL will be picking both boys up to take to her house for two weeks. Should be interesting to see what we get up to all alone. Being down to one child is bad enough. It's just far too quiet with just one.
Lastnight we enjoyed a movie in the park, thanks to Fresh Air Cinemas. They showed "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs". It was a lot of fun, despite the fact that it got quite chilly, and it tried to rain us out. I brought plenty of blankets & extra clothing though, so it didn't bother D & I too much.
Mr had his first "Just Dads" program kick-off yesterday, to one dad & his kids. Friends of Mr's, but still...they count. He's hoping to have a better turn out tomorrow evening. Mr is piloting the very first Just Dads parenting support group for our area (to help fathers get involved), and I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out to be a success, as the area here is flooded with Stay At Home Dads who used to work in the local mills, which are all shut down right now. Currently myself and a couple of co-workers are telling all of the men we know, and passing the flyers on to those we serve. I hope, I hope, I hope.
We're nearly all settled into the new house by. Haven't gotten as many "family" pictures up as I'd like, but Mr seems to think they're better placed in bedrooms only, as opposed to out in the open. My brain is so slow that I can't come up with a retort.
I'm slowly working my way through a bunch of resources at work. Eventually I'll be able to pick out what I need and what I don't need.
I'm still floored, when I think about, that I am a Pregnancy Outreach Program worker.
there are all kinds of berries ripening in the valley now. I picked some Saskatoon Berries the other day, and fully intend to collect a bucketful or so of other wild berries that are out there to be had, when I get the opportunity. Hopefully I'll find the energy, time, and frame of mind to go and do it soon, as everything will be over ripening very soon.
I miss my home computer, and I've managed to lose my Flash Drive that I used to transport all of my pictures on to upload while I was at work. *sighs* I'll eventually get back to HNT...honest.

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