Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poor Lil Guy

My poor lil guy had a stomach flu for 5 days. 5 whole days of no appetite, and no energy. He didn't walk by himself, he didn't go potty by himself, he didn't feed himself. We spoon fed him, and carried him from place to place, and had the tvs set up just for him. This, unfortunately, meant a deprivation from socialization. Time out in the woods is good, but after a long weekend, we're ready for a regular routine of being in town around other folks. The added illness meant someone had to stay home with him until he felt well enough to come into town for the day.

He was running around, and asking for treats like ice cream today. Has his appetite back, but his tummy is still rumbly, so we're taking it easy on what we put into it. I felt so horrible for him, but as it was a flu, there was nothing we could do but administer Gravol & Tylenol to help him keep food down and sleep a little more comfortably.
We're back in Kelowna tonight. Arrived, went thrift shopping, and settled ourselves in. We'll be here until Monday night, as we've arranged for D to see his regular dentist (as he's still covered by mom's medical), to take a look at another possible extraction for one of his other crowns. *sigh* I'll admit that through that gloomy haze, I'm enjoying the super fast internet, and mindlessly flipping through the channels. I'm not enjoying the sounds of the traffic not too far away, and the noises from the neighbors. I don't miss city life in that way at all.
Uploading pictures here and there though, to flickr, facebook, and here. I'll get round to it all eventually.
I'm in my last week of my online course, so I need to get to that. Yay, in two week I'll have completed an online college level course. I kick ass.

2 thoughtful remarks:

the girl in stiletto said...

awww poor little boy :( hopefully he'll be back to himself like 100% very very soon!

Anonymous said...

good deal on finishing the class! Hope the lil guy feels better!