Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I wish my life had stayed the same.
Am I changing, or am I grasping at strands of my past?
Honestly...I let a good thing go.
Here I am, can I make it as good as it was...or better?
There is no me here, because there's no one who'll put focus on me. I fade into the background for the sake of neccesity.
I hope with the completion of my volunteer forms and consequent submittal of them, that Iam able to start some semblance of a life for myself, with a network built just for me.
I miss me. That wonderful vibrant person with a terrific sense of humor and quick wit. I miss the person who was allowed to be, because someone told her it was ok.
It seems that everything I do is a struggle. Why do I choose this struggle that seems so immense?
Why did I choose this?

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