Saturday, December 22, 2007

Way much

t's funny when you sit back and think about it. how horribly overcome Christmas is with how much money you have. it's become a season of pissing contests. Like, if you don't make this much money, you won't have a good enough Christmas because you're not getting the season's hottest toys.
It crazy how much I see people buying in one trip to the store (god forbid they make multiple like that), full shopping carts, multiple shopping carts (I've done this, but with neccesity's) ppl.
How much do we need to drive ourselves into debt to ensure we have a "happy holidays"?
I would be content with something hand made, that would really show me that you cared about me enough to put some of your time into my gift. I don't want your money, I want you.
Back home, I complained a lot about everything that needed to be done, but I made sure everyone had at least one thing that I made for them, and one store-bought item under the tree. I complained about going to pick them up, but in reality it was a family tradition, and this also showed how much I wanted them to be a part of my family's holidays. All of the things I complained about I placed on myself because I loved my family enough to do, and because I couldn't imagine the holidays without them. I wanted them to enjoy the traditions that we created together, such as the loop to pick everyone up nd drop them off, family games, family movie nights, and the never-ending snacking.
If it came down to it...I'd be happy just to have my famiy there, and I wouldn't even need a gift. the gift would be the love that is shared when we're together.
That sounds mushy, I know, but it's really true when you shed some light on it.
When it all comes down to it, it's really important that we remember why they're called holidays, and what we're supposed to do with them.
I miss my family, and I'm going to try my hardest to ensure that the kids don't miss them near as much as I do. The only way that's accomplished it focusing on the here & now, and not back then. Having fun with them, teaching them new things, and making sure that they know what the holidays are for.
They for being together, and remembering what a gift each and every person in your life is. They're not about money, or toys, or clothing, or objects. They're not about how many gifts lay under the tree. They're about what crazy new story you have to tell everyone from this season.
Let's see, there was the time the boys stood up while sledding, there was the time we tried going over the Coquihala toll booth and got stuck in the snow, or the time we had Harry pop in with us because his family was troubled that year. I have specific memories from each holiday season because at least one thing made them memorable each time, and that was the fact that all of the people I loved and held near n' dear were there with me.

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