Monday, November 05, 2007

Uphill Battle

I'm so angry, and fuming, and enraged, and outraged. I'm humiliated, and belittled and upset for Darius. If he were older and could understand, this is what he'd be feeling, but because I'm a parent, I shield him from this.
The school called today to let us know they were denying Darius his enrollment in their school. After questioning from this end to their office person, she said we'd need to go to the Super Intendant. Since Don works there he inquired as to why they were denying it (because he says in his 11 years of working there he's never heard of it happening), and the Super said that it was due to "behavioural issues".
So, guess what I get to do?
I get to make an appointment for a meeting between the Superintendant, the school's Principal, and D's teacher Mr. Curtis.
According to their "Open Enrollment" Codes, they can only deny a child enrollment due to "behavioural issues" if they have been suspended from a previous school, or are known to be extremely disruptive to the classroom.
Darius had been in his classroom for 9 days total when they denied him, which was on Friday (that's when his teacher knew in any event) and they only just now got around to telling us (which would make it 11). How fucking fair is that? A five year old is supposed to adjust to a new Country, State, School (with at least TWICE the classmates than his previous school), and Expectations that go with that in NINE DAYS.
I'm not impressed. At first I felt like crying, because it's just unfair for anyone to have those kind of expectations of a five year old.
I'm pissed that this is just another battle in the long list I've had in my entire life. I'm angry because now they're dragging MY CHILD into this.
How dare they, what right do they have??
Fuck them is what I say.
I'm going to give them a fight, and I won't be quiet about it either. Then, when I'm finished, I'm putting him into Home Schooling because those fucking bastards don't deserve to be IN my son's presence.
That's how I feel right now anyways, we shall see.

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Segonku said...

I think that that is such garbage. My son is 5 and I can't imagine what gives anyone the right to deny someone an education based on 9 days of observation. Maybe the teacher needs a kick in the ass.