Thursday, November 15, 2007

Backlog in Blogging

Ok, we have officially spent a week in the new house. As you can tell, cause I haven't been back to blog since going over.
We've been busier than snot, and I can honestly say that i'm sick of shopping. It's so much hassel to do even the tiniest errand when you live in the country cause we hafta drive 20+ minutes just to get to the nearest town with services. Anyhow, I'm sick of having shit to do outside the home. I want to get my daily routine settled in with the boys. A healthy way to do the day, where D gets his school-work done, I get some cleaning and errands done in the house, and Hunter naps.
It was funy, the night before we moved in, (I told myself I would blog this) Chance and I were checking everything over after dropping some stuff off. I was outside on the porch and Chance was inside. I heard a loud Thump, and when I went up to the door all I could see was Chance's feet and arms in the air like an upside down turtle. I laughed pretty hard, but he was hurt. He had jumped up to swing from the moulding above the door (it's a 107 year-old house) and it fell off with his weight, and he landed on his back on the floor.
Then, the other day he started a burn pile in the yard, and thought he had put it out, but the breezes of the day picked up the embers and started it again...effectively smoking out the entire neighborhood. Was pretty humerous, lookin back on it. At the time though we were both pretty irritated because we didn't have a hose that reaches that far. So, there we were, filling up jugs, and garbage cans, and anything else I could get my hands on with water from the tap, and Chance was carrying it outside all the way over to the fire and dumping it on it.
We've had a pretty good run in the new house I suppose, everything is set up, and clean, and comfortable.
We've had a lot of contact with the Realty Company in charge of the property, and seem to have something new to speak to them about each day.
Yesterday Hunter fell down the stairs (about 20 steep stairs) and hit the gate at the bottom of the stairs. I had taken him up with me to go and get more diapers from his room, and was bringing down laundry with me along with him and the diapers, and I dropped a sock that we both stooped over to get, and he went over. Was very scary, but he's otherwise ok. He has a rug-burn on his nose, and looks kind of like Rudolph. I felt terrible, as Chance isn't that great at handling Critical Situations involving his kids, and it took me most of the night to work my way through any feelings I had. I'm still pretty leery today, but will try and get past it.
I'm proud to say that all boxes that were brought with us have now been sorted through and everything has a home, except for my sewing stuff, which is ok, cause it's not being used just yet
In any event, we've got plans to have Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house, as it is fairly large.
Darius spent lastnight in his room all by himself for the whole night. Only two nightlights, an outside streetlight, and two flashlights later.
We had to talk to the realty ppl about installing a gate at the top of the stairs. Since the house is so old we're limited to what we're allowed to do when it comes to drilling holes into the walls and the like. Hopefully it won't be a problem.
I'm awful lonely these days. I'm enjoying listening to my music in the new house more, but find that not having anyone to talk to face-to-face is getting a bit difficult. I often wonder why (only when I'm feeling secluded and isolated) I'm so picky about my friends, but I know I can't trust just anyone with the thoughts in my head, only from experience.
We're supposed to have a playdate with D's classmates from the school (that he no longer attends) but as usual, I have not recieved any phone calls telling me ANYone is going to attend or not. It's so frustrating, and I hurt for D cause he doesn't know any better. Am wondering if I should even make any snacks for it. I probably will, but am going to try and keep it to things that I know I can either use right away, or store for later use.
I hope, at least, that we can meet the neighbors.
I've just started trying to get organized with D's school work, and trying to pick up where he left off with his class. I know I should just start all over again, but I can do that once we get everything from the Ohio Virtual Academy.
I'm impressed with them so far, and am hoping not to be disappointed.
Stress is a terrible thing, but I must say I'm trying my hardest to move through it, instead of wallowing in it.
I miss my family, I even miss Tia. I miss the smell of the mountain Pine, and the fresh smell of the lake. I miss the close quarters, and the all night-game-athons, and the super yummy home cooked food I miss having a dishwasher (I need rubber gloves cause my hands are actually cracking from doing the dishes too much), and I miss living 5 minutes away from everything I need. I'm homesick.
Why I couldn't justify anything to myself before I left, I'll never ask. I guess this is what I think I deserve somehow. I'd better just be quiet and make the best of it.

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