Monday, April 25, 2005


Went out Saturday, with the family...and some new friends. Chance met some new ppl on a 4x4 website, and we went for our first trip out with them. Was a lot of fun. Felt real powerful travelling in a convoy of 10 honkin 4x4 trucks. Made it up the hill, down, back up a couple of times, cut our own trail (literally) and back down the mountain before heading to a BBQ in Winfield. Darius had a blast, he thought all the bumpies were funny.
Had some terrific fun discovering the real capabilities of our truck, though truthfully, I think next time I'll see if we can leave D at home cause some of the stuff we tried I wasn't completely comfortable with having him in the vehicle while doing.
Works been the usual...kinda of annoying, kind of bearable.
Took D to a birthday party of the neighbours' girl. She turned 9, and she had a bunch of other kids over. I found it rather intimidating because all these kids were so close to trampling D.
I cleaned out the truck yesterday, and Chance washed the outside.
Lost our key to the padlock we have on our storage unit, so we can't get into the fucking thing. Piss me off...with all the hot weather, I have nothing but grungy shorts to wear. All my summer clothes and shoes are in storage.
Some fucknut stole our insurance sticker from the Expedition. And the other fucknuts are telling me that I hafta pay 18 bux to get another one. Yeah...some moron stole something from me, and I have to replace it with my own money...HELLO?! Isn't that what insurance is for?!?!?
God...some days it just isn't worth it to blog cause it just works me up.

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Nietha said...

fucknuts... fucknuts everywhere!!

Anonymous said...

I agree!