Friday, February 18, 2005


Well, *sighs* attempting to figure my budget is proving difficult, but we're still getting places. Phone calls, and more phone calls have revealed that I probably won't be getting any kind of re-embursment from Revenue Canada at all, but am now in debt to the in the tune of about 200 dollars. So, until I pay them that amount, I won't get my refund for this year, unless I file my taxes for 2002. So, Monday afternoon, if I rush home from work, I should be able to do all.
*crosses fingers*
Keep telling myself I should just pop out a couple of quilts. trouble is, i really have to be motivated to do something like that, and I get depressed every time I even look at a pair of scissors or a swatch of fabric.
Am battling a bout of extreme stress here, but so far, am rather proud that I haven't let myself slip completely into pessimism.
Just a little bit more...and I can reach as high as the stars.

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