Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bunny Stories

We have a family friend who couldn't understand why we chose a rabbit as a pet. They said "Rabbit's have no personality". I told them to spend more time with Mr. Benjamin and they'd see plenty of personality.
Since we got Mr. B. he's adjusted well to our family lifestyle. He was nearly wild when we got him, skittish as all get out. He's friendly and playful, and ruler of the roost. He adores Mr & D, and tolerates H & I fairly well.
D was adamant when we first received him that he'd never like him. They've fallen deeply in friendship. D can pick him up, (and does so frequently) and lay him upside down in his arm or lap, and Mr. B. closes his eyes in contentment. D can play with Mr. B for hours and never get bored, angry, or upset with him in the least.
The boys were driving me bonkers (read: at each other at every turn) one weekend, and after the umpteenth time of seperation, I told them to build something out of lego. D asked what he should build, and as a backhanded comment, I said "I something for Mr. B.".
*BOOM* Both boys disappeared for what felt like hours. I wondered what they were up to, but I left them to their own devices, keeping an ear out for any possible skirmishes. The next thing I knew, all I could hear was wild giggling and laughter coming from D's bedroom. I went to take a peek, curious as to what was so funny. They had built a "cage" for Mr. B. out of lego, and were in peals of laughter over Mr. B's reaction. He was kicking it with his hind legs, standing up on his hind legs to bust the roof off, and throwing the broken off pieces of roof accross the room. They were all entertained, because even Mr. B. had fun, opting to take his time coming back and forth from the middle of the room to the cage and breaking it down.
Another weekend, the kids were at it again, picking on each other. I told them to go build a maze as I was doing the dishes. They asked me why. I replied, for Mr. B.
*ZOOM* They were off. Every once and a while they asked if they could "borrow" something, and slinked away. They were silent for what felt like hours, before, once again, I could hear peals of laughter & giggles. D came running out of his room, and demanded I come and look how smart Mr. B. was, dragging me back to his room behind him. I entered the room to find all kinds of items built into a maze accross his entire room. I was impressed by this, but what was even more impressive, was D placing mr. B. at one end of the maze, and watching him hop (taking his sweet time, with the occasional perk up on the hind legs to get his bearings) his way through the entire maze from start to finish. No treat or nothing, simply for the fun of it.
We watch movies together as a family often. You'll find us all piled up on the couch, a mess of blankets, legs & arms, with heads poking out for a clear view of the TV. Most times Mr. B. is right in there with us, hopping from one lap to another to get scratches from everyone, and spending time resting on us all.
Mr. Benjamin is truly a part of our family. There was a weekend, not long after we got him, where we were afraid he had run away, as we do let him out in the yard unsupervised (the entire surrounding fence has chicken wire along the bottom to prevent escape), and we couldn't find him when we checked up on him. I was surprised at just how sad this had made me feel.
I'm glad he's here with us. I'm glad we're open to having him be such a big part of our family lifestyle. I'm glad I can talk to him without feeling silly. I'm glad we've all attached ourselves to something, and made an effort to ensure that it remains healthy. I love our bunny, and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

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And an endless supply of jelly beans! :-P

Hepburn Hilton said...

Your neighborer is dead wrong! Bunnies has loads of personality!! 6 years ago I was heart broken due do a break up, so I borrowed my sister bunny. He was a "housebroken" bunny, and only went in one corner of his cage so I let him run around free in my apartment. Every day when I came home from work he would come running towards me, just like a dog! And when I was chilling on the sofa, he would jump into my lap and beg for treats. He was a big food lover. Then when I got my dog, I came home with the puppy and for the first time in the year he had stayed with me he didn't come running... I put the puppy on the floor and he stumbled in. When he past the sofa, the bunny jumped out from under it and attacked him! The bunny was twice as big as the puppy at the time...It was like he knew that I was bring something in since he didn't came to the door, I think he was jealous.