Monday, July 07, 2008


Ok, so all of the boxes are unpacked, finally. It truly felt like it took forever, like there was never a moment's rest. Horrible feeling, but it's done.
I got Chance started hanging pictures...I don't do it because he complains that I get the crooked and what-not. Who wants all those extra holes in the new walls. :o)
I feel like I keep having to clean, but it's only cause each time we get busy I don't do it as we go along, so everything seems out of place, especially since it's a smaller space. Everyone knows that the smaller the space the easier it is to look cluttered.
Anyhow, since it was another scorcher out today I decided to put the little pool out for the boys and get us some sun! What fun! I got lots of pictures (posted to Flickr). I took out a platter of snacks, and vegged out (or tried to at least) and played with the boys until Chance got home from work. Then I brought them in (I hadn't realized we were out for so long, 2 1/2 hours!) and fed them lunch. I think we all turned at least 3 shades darker. I'm glad I had as much water out there to drink for us as I did.
Poor Hunter was so worn out he was almost falling asleep in his high chair. It sure didn't take him much to zonk out once I got him into bed. Darius fell asleep without fuss as now we're enjoying a bit of quiet time.
Darius is going for a sleepover at Ama's house tonight.
I'm hoping to finish the boys' curtains tonight as well. I've been trying to do a bit on them everyday, and have managed to hang a few things over their windows for now.
We had to hang a quilt on our back patio window because it just gets so hot! Rhonda's going to order us new curtains from JCPenny's, so that'll be nice to get em up once they arrive.
I've been drying blankets on the back porch since it seems such a sun catcher. All our big quilts were dirty from the move. It's nice to have that done and off my to-do list. Now I'm thinkin whenever it gets hot I may just toss fabric softener in with the wash and hang everything up outside to dry, there's certainly no shortage on heat out there! Trying to stay as green as possible :o)
We still hafta put up borders in the house...Rhonda came over on Friday and did the boys' room, but after seeing how much three rolls covers I'm thinkin I may hafta go back for 1 more for each room. We shall see I spose.
It's almost starting to feel like home if I can just get us walking!

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