Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I'm home again...yay me.
Well, yesterday was long. After waking up in the morning and wandering out...I noticed Chance sitting at the comp and I asked him, how did you get here?? LOL I had roused myself out of bed for that reason, I was worried he was stuck at the hotel waiting for me after I left in the middle of the night. Thankfully mom brought D to preschool and afterwards picked up Chance and dropped Ronnie off. It was busy, with last minute packing and re-packing. I had to go buy Chance another mp3 player because his went through the wash. :oP Zellers just doesn't have as much selectin as Wal Mart does. Spent most of the afternoon trying to download what meager amount of songs from the comp I had onto the device and it frustrated me to no end. grr. But, I did manage it, thankfully. Drove them up to the bus station and waited for an hour with them while we waited for the bus to arrive (tickets needed to be fixed cause they were having trouble with some names). Was a nice wait though, peaceful.
Came home, ate some food, then got onto the road. Drove Gramma home, then went back to Kamloops to spend the night at Tylers. Arrived about 1:30am, and went directly to bed with the boys. Got up at 7:30 this morning and have been go go go ever since.
Was a nice go though.
Got up and fed D, then wandered round the house until just after 9am, when I got up and showered with both boys. That took forever, but I'm not that practiced at it. Got out the door just after 11am. I'm itchy all over so I must've been allergic to something of his...rash all over my skin, yech. Can't wait to shower tommorow morning.
Was such a nice day in Kamloops, bright and beautifully sunny and warm, but windy as hell. At least it was a warm wind.
We went shopping at Sal Mart (had to get capri's cause I was too warm in my jeans and socks) then to the thrift store next door to it, then to Thompson Park Mall for lunch, then on to The Fun Factor (arcade) where Hunter slept for just over an hour, and we blew aload of tokens at. Was great fun. then we went to the Dollarama in Landsmark Downe shopping centre, and then back up to Sahali (where Ty's place is) for some Subway. Afterwards we went back to Ty's house, met up with him, then went to Rucker's with Danielle and Niamh. We had some more great fun blowing more tokens. I was kinda disappointed that neither place was an indoor play place like Spacecause that's kinda what I was expecting, but oh well. Both places still had the same effect on D. Went to McDonald's for dinner, where they had a nice Playplace, that was actually clean. Hit a Timmy's, then attempted to drive home. Course a couple of stops to feed Hunter to get him settled down, poor kid, and I was home in about 2 hours.
For the most part both boys slept on the way home, and was a nice quiet drive for me as there weren't a heckuva lot more drivers out there this late on a weeknight. Was nice.
Now I'm home waiting for the caffine to blow through my system and updating my blogs, checking email. Unloaded the car, and hafta get the bed made before I hit the hay.
Hafta get up early cause I have Duty Parent Day tommorow...gotta drop off Hunter at Daycare for that.
Here's to the next week, where I can hopefully get myself and the kids on some sort of schedual that we all agree with. I'd like to catch up on those things I've been meaning to do that I just kept putting off in the shadow of the greater need.

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