Friday, December 15, 2006


Friday at last.
Doesn't feel like a friday, feels like a Monday.
Got all my appointments that I set up in the beginning of the week done and over with.
Got all my info, just need to implement now.
Finished my last appointment this morning, and have a positive feeling about how things will work out.
Will be doing some checking into on a few things, but that won't take me too long.
I'd like to do some baking. It's been so long since i've done nay baking. We didn't have any all purpose flour here, but got some from the foodbank.
I'm still trying to get this place cleaned up, but have yet to manage. I did get a couple of pictures up yesterday though. :o)
Will probably be at mom's tonight cause they've issued another high wind warning, and I believe Chance is doing an overnighter at ARC.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a nice evening for visiting, baking, and sewing...