Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ahhh...another day at home

Yup, got today off this week as well. :o)
Copied all pictures from the computer to disc, am gonna hafta delete them now...haven't gotten round to that.
Took D to pre-school and picked him up.
Sorted through all of D's clothes, and pulled out all that are too small, and tossed in some that are too big. Had him clean his room and pick up his toys from the living room.
Put his laundry away as well.
He's sleeping now, I imagine he'll be quite hungry when he wakes up cause he didn't have the biggest snack b4 his nap.
Unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, and it's running now. Just pots left to wash, which I really should do, but am too lazy to get round to.
I tidied the entry-way in the proccess of looking for any of the matching shoes in Darius' showbox...there's about 5 missing pairs. Hmm...
Found the odublesided tape which cammo-ed itseld in D's block bucket.
Had a snack...and breakfast today...amazing.
Weighed myself yesterday at Sylvia's and discovered that I had lost 7lbs since I found out I was pregnant! :oO oops.
Went shopping lastnight for some food that I can eat...forgot to buy tofu. Have Raspberries and Strawberries and blueberries on the mind tho...wrong time of year darnit.
Chance asked me why I was so crabby yesterday...I was so hungry, but everything that I thought of to eat just turned my tummy upside down. I LOVE to eat, and during these last two weeks I just haven't been able to...loss of appetite, nasuea, texture. It sucks being a food lover who can't eat. Never mind having to watch those you love eat like it's their last meal.
In any event...have been fairly productive today so far if I do say so myself.
Almost got into an accident on my way to drop off D at school, cause some schmo wasn't paying attention to his driving and damn near hit us head on...he would've had I not swerved off the road to miss him. Let's all picture amber pounding madly at the center of her mom's steering wheel before realizing that the horn is on the side.
Stupid morning drivers.

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Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you're okay after that close call...makes my blood boil that the idiot caused you to swerve, which could've ended up causing you to wreck...I agree: "stupid morning drivers"