Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Compact Cars and Goin Far

Who's bright idea was it to create compact cars?
Well, we got up this mornin, and started getting packed and such to come down to the coast (where we're at presently).
Left just after mom did this mornin, and got here at about 2:30. We stopped in Hope for brunch, which was great. The Home Restaraunt. Good place.
Over-all, I slept the majority of the way. Only because I get motion sick if I read or anything...and there really wasn't a whole else to do. So, got some good naps in, and both times I head at least one part of my body go to sleep on me.
yuck. goes on.
Am hoping to head to L.F. to go get Gramma and them on Saturday by myself. Would be nice to snag a a couple of hours in my truck alone.
I'm still really irritated at Chance about my truck...but, we made an agreement, so here we are.
Am hoping to snag Friday night out with Laurie, but we'll hafta see if I even have any money for it.
I was also hoping to catch the Casino in New West, and step inside, if only to be able to say that I've beeni n another Casino. I've been playing in the one in K-town for two years now, and still have yet to go to another casino, so it's become quite a big deal to me.
We shall see.
Tonight is dinner with the family, and hopefully everyone will be there.
I need to try giving Uncle Paul a call to see if he's able to make it.
Why is it that I can't resist cleaning other people's houses, but when it comes to mine, I hafta drag my ass to do it?
Funny how that works.

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Anonymous said...

you cleanin freak
Langley casino was interesting... I liked the Alien slots game.