Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise

I cleaned my office and re-arranged everything in it to make it more appealing to the eye. I share my office with someone who runs a different program from me. Therefore, it's full of various bins with items in it reserved for different programs. My office has been an eyesore for ages. I got tired of it today...and I was frustrated with some of my research and wanted a distraction. I'm happy with it now, but would feel better if I could bring in some curtains to hide the eyesore behind my desk that would normally be a closet.

I checked the mail today after I finished work.

I opened the PO Box to find a stiff envelope addressed to D from Immigration. He received his Citizenship Card today. He is now an official dual citizen (which he always was, but we hadn't actually filed the proper paperwork ensure the government recognized this) of the USA and Canada.
This means that once we get a notarized copy of his card and ship it off to BC MSP (The Medical Services Plan), CTB (Child Tax Benefit), and CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), that we will substantially raise our income within the next month, and potentially have Mr as a Permanent Resident by March 2011.
For once, things are actually working out.
I have reason to hope they may actually flow smoothly.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Ama said...

'bout time! So happy to hear...

Osbasso said...

Woohoo! Glad to hear it!