Monday, March 17, 2008

Pennies and Reading

So, the penny has yet to come out the other side...which mens I have to take Hunter to the Doctor's tomorrow to see what's going on. Not fun...I feel so bad. It's not like he's acting plugged up cause he's been going quite frequently as usual, but I haven't seen any penny at all.
On another note...the school website is down, which means I can't access the online courses for Darius right now. I can take comfort that right now I can do Phonics and a Language Arts lesson with him, but other than that I need the computer to either print out the lesson or do it from the screen. The K12 website is showing that he doesn't have any courses scheduled at all. I did phone the teacher and she said it was system wide, so hopefully they get it going soon cause I've been slacking on the school-front lately and need to pick it back up.
Darius is learning to read!! I'm excited about the direction that this Phonics course is taking us. We've worked through the sounds of each letter and worked on deciphering those sounds as separate in a word, and are now working on forming new words with those sounds. He can read 3 letter words now, and I'm so proud. I remember thinking about this time last year that there was no way I could teach him to read in a few months, and here I am doing it in a smaller time frame than even I had imagined. It's an amazing feeling of accomplishment knowing that I am building the foundation to which the rest of his entire learning experience will be based upon.
I hope he'll enjoy it...learning that is. I tease him sometimes and tell him he's asking too many questions, and he always responds with..."But mom, that's how I get to know stuff. I want to know everything!"
There was a point where we were reading a science book that was gifted to him, and he learned that science is just asking questions to figure out how the world works, and so he calls himself a scientist because he wants to know how EVERYthing works, and why it works that way.
Children are amazing.

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