Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pictures and more

Well, spent yesterday out shopping with mom, and finished off with a nice quiet visit with Lori.
Bought some diapers, wipes, a couple of new shirts, a new pair of shoes (stepped in gum with my other ones), and a few other little items. :o)
My majour purchase for the day, was pictures from disc through Wal-Mart. Oh boy, oh boy, I finally have Hunter pic on hard copy, and D pics from when he was born...
We got our portraits done today, with an extremely tired D, and a hungry Hunter. Dad was grouchy, and mom was feeling a touch stressed, while Nana and Kim were a little tired themselves, but mainly tired of waiting. All I could say after it was finished was "Thank God we only do this once a year!"
Two weeks to wait on those now, so hopefully we got enough of each one, cause I don't feel like ordering more.
Afterwards we went to Ricky's for breakfast, and we waited over 45 minutes for food, after we placed our order...needless to say the rest of the service was just a shitty, and we won't be eating there again.
Just finished putting D down for a nap, cause he didn't get near enough sleep yesterday whilst out with Daddy and Duncan. Hopefully it'll help his mood, cause man was he ornary.
This mornin we dressed D, washed mommy's hair, brushed her teeth and washed her face, gave Hunter a bath, and got him dressed, and got us out the door in an hour...didn't know it was possible, and I'm rather surprised. :o)
I guess I'm gonna go and put my pictures into the photo albums, while it's still relatively quiet. Chance went to wash the truck, D's asleep, along with Hunter...seize the day!

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