Saturday, January 22, 2005

New everything...

Gosh...this week has been so bloody stressful.
Trying to figure out whether I want this job in Dease Lake, or to stay here and just find something else. I'm doubtful that if I stayed here, I would be able to find another job that's gonna pay me 15 dollars an hour to do whatever it is I've applied for.
So, Thursday came about, and a day off for me. I wanted to go to Value Village cause Chance was complaining about not having swim trunks to take Drius to the pool with. D's in swim classes, that were supposed to start last Sunday, but Chance didn't take him.
So, I get up and shower, and we get everyone (Marty, Mom, Chance, D, and me) out the door, and we head over to Value Village. Got the stuff we went for...and were on our way to Sally Ann, and then (earlier b4 we left Chance seen this ad in the newspapr about this dealership having a huge sale), Chance asked to stop by this Dodge dealership...and I dragged my ass in there, not expecting anything to opan out of it.
So...10 hours later (split of course, 5 hours each day), i've walked out with a 97 Ford F350 Lariat Four door quarter ton pick up truck. Leather interior with wood paneling, cd/tape, and heated seats.
I'm happy I had to ability to be financed...but it seems like a lot. I'm gonna pull some strings to get my budget in gear, and hopfully my plan for this whole thing will work out.
My hopes for Dease Lake are still there...I still want more than anything to get away and make it on our own. I still want to be able to put money aside for our house and land. We'll see how that goes...with my emotionally roller-coaster with this Truck business, I need a bit of a break to just chill out and think everything out more clearly.
I'm late...I'm losing weight, and my tummy has been in knots ever since this whole Dease Lake thing started. Stress can do aweful things to you.

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