Friday, October 15, 2004

My birthday

Well then...I turn 23 on Monday. Sheesh...I've been a mom for three years since July.
Mind Boggling.
I treated myself to a couple of things for my birthday.
I bought a handheld GPS. Chance's idea, but exciting none-the-less. It's got a rubber casing, it's waterproof, it floats, 2 AA Batteries last 14 hrs, and it's accurate to within 3 meters.
I also went to Value Village yesterday and spent 72 dollas on new clothes for myself. BOught a pair of shoes, 4 shirts, and a vest, plus 2 bras.
I am also hoping to get my hands on 2 tickets to see Bif on the 28th. She's playing at Flashbacks, and I'm rev-ed to go.
Holy schmoley time flies.

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